FISHING ITINERARIES - Discovering the Scottish rivers with our friend Erik


A big brown trout caught with a dry fly

We wanted to write a follow-up on our test about the Andrew wading boot after a trip in New- Zealand planned with Violaine in March 2019.

Unfortunately, a skiing accident and an operated knee made it impossible for Violaine to go fishing. I didn’t see myself going after the southern hemisphere trouts without her, so we decided to postpone our trip until next year.




Scottish landscapes

A few weeks later, I had the opportunity to go fishing alone in Scotland for a few days. There, i could continue the lond term test of the wading boot, also equipped now with the Hotfly waders Alpine Diver V2. After more than 50 fly fishing outings in France, Spain and USA on different terrains, my Andrew wading boot look almost brand new. I could only notice a slight wear of the tongue by the laces and some of the nails in the Vibram sole are slightly offset. The grip remains as effective on all type of ground as ever and long access walks are very confortable.


Wading boot Andrew - Hotfly

After having tried many brands of wading boot including those of 2 famous american brands, I can now say that I have finally found with the Andrew wading boot the perfect compromise between comfort, lightness and stregth.

About the Alpine Diver V2 Hotfly waders, it’s really well cut, perfectly designed and built to hold up to years to come. After more than 20 days of fishing with it, it is still perfectly waterproof and it looks as new. I find it to be an excellent value for money.


Wading kit Hotfly Superb waders + wading boot

The wading kit composed of the Hotfly Alpine Diver V2 wader and the Andrew wading boot is a great deal and probably the best product on the market today.



A few catches made by Erik

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