Fly tying feathers

First-class feathers are indispensable for countless successful fly patterns

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In this category we provide you with the most popular and used feathers for the fly tying, selecting only high quality material. In particular you will find: CDC, pheasant, marabou and much more.

Surely the individual fibers of the pheasant feather are the most widely used, suitable to tie tails, bodies and much more, as well as essential material to tie the famous pheasant tail classic. The marabou instead is widely used to make tails and bodies of streamer thanks to the very soft and natural movement that can give your imitations. Peacock herl are used to tie bodies and thoraxes of both dry flies and submerged and nymphs.

These are just some of the uses you can make with some of our fly tying material. For any doubt do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your complete disposal.