Barbless fishing fly set by type of water

The most catching fly patterns for you in a set for every type of water

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Time and again, customers ask us which fly patterns we can recommend for certain types of water. It makes a difference whether you are stalking trout in a small mountain stream or whether you want to fish for them successfully in a fishing pond.

To make your choice easier, in this section we have put together sets of the best flies for different types of water. Each fly set consists of a selection of fly patterns that have proved particularly successful on certain types of water. With these fly sets you don't buy a pig in a poke either, because all flies are tied to a high quality. By the way, each fly pattern can also be bought individually in our online shop.

This way you can quickly and easily find a selection of the most catching fly patterns for any water, without having to put them together individually and at great expense. You also save money by buying the flies in these already assembled sets compared to buying them individually. And on top of that, the fly box is already included.