Tinsel and other fly tying threads

Colour flashes and glitter effects for your fly patterns

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These synthetic materials are characterized by the fact that they are translucent and iridescent, generating many reflections and glare that can attract the attention of the fish, causing it to attack the artificial fly.

These tinsels offer various solutions for your dressing, in fact, they can be wrapped in coils distant from each other to simulate the segments of the abdomen of the insect or to tie the entire body of your artificial fly. Being a synthetic material, it does not absorb water and is very light, making it ideal for use to tie dry flies, without the risk of weighing down the artificial fly and compromising its buoyancy. It is also used with excellent results to tie the famous perdigones, a nymph now widely used by fly fishermen.

We offer you only high quality tinsel, from two brands that are now a guarantee in the world of fly tying: Hotfly and Textreme.