Wooly Buggers - the classic par excellence

No streamer is fished more often worldwide than the legendary Wooly Bugger

The Wooly Bugger is undoubtedly one of the most popular streamers in the world, and no fly pattern is known to be tied to the leader more often in streamer fishing than this classic. And with good reason, because this streamer pattern is known for its effectiveness and versatility. Most often, Wooly Buggers are used when targeting trout, but it has proven to be very catchable on many other fish species. It is used very successfully both in flowing waters and in still waters such as lakes and fishing ponds. We offer first-class Wooly Buggers in many attractive colours and varieties. What they all have in common is the seductively playing marabou tail and the fibres protruding from the body, which make up the special charm of this fly pattern. The head bead provides the necessary weight and lets your Wooly Bugger sink to the desired depth. You should always have this classic and reliable pattern in your fly box.
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