Wet flies

Used at the right time, you will be surprised by the catchiness of our wet flies

Wet flies are fished below the surface of the water but are usually tied without any weight and therefore do not sink as quickly or deeply as nymphs. Rather, they are designed to work in the free water column, simulating the rise of the insect as it hatches or a small fleeing fish. During the drift, the wet flies can also be further animated by light tugs on the fly line. These movements stimulate the trout's hunting instinct and often tempts them to get thy fly. Our wet fly patterns feature very soft and streamlined hackles and feathers that are perfect for this purpose. Fishing with this type of artificial fly was very popular in the past but is unfortunately often unjustly underestimated nowadays. Used at the right time, you can have a great time on the water and be amazed at how many fish you can catch in a short time.

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Fly fishing with the submerged fly is the oldest and still very promising technique. This technique of fly fishing is very attractive even if, in our opinion, it is unjustly not very popular in certain areas. Submerged flies are placed just below the surface of the water and often imitate emerging nymphs, but also drowned or sunken flies and rarely even small fry. The materials for tying these artificial flies are very soft and the body shape is often aerodynamic. In this way underwater they are irresistible.