Classic dry fly patterns

For lovers of traditional fly fishing we offer a wide range of classic dry flies

For all those who love fly fishing in its original form, we have put together a large selection of classic dry flies that have been hand-tied by professional fly tyers. The artificial flies you'll find in this category carry on the tradition of these successful patterns while striving to imitate the real insect as closely as possible. Classic dry flies embody the essence of fly fishing and make every catch a very special experience. The materials used to tie these fly patterns have been specially selected to give your classic dry flies the best possible buoyancy even in fast and turbulent water. However, for the most effective use of these flies, we recommend that you enhance these properties with the appropriate floatation products.

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In this category you will find a selection of over 70 classic and traditional dry flies, like the eminent Blue Dun, Olive Dun, Mosquito or the Red Tag. These flies are classic patterns of dry flies and have been approved worldwide over decades. Most of them are tied with traditional natural materials, but have lost none of their original ability to catch. They are rather imitations of insects, mostly may flies or sheer fantasy patterns that are able to catch (as for example the Royal Coachman).

If you, in contrast, prefer fishing with classic fly patterns, whose ability to catch has been improved by the use of modern synthetic materials, we recommend you our realistic may flies of foam and the our complete fly assortment of our premium brand hotfly superb.