Barbless Boobies

Floating streamers with oversized eyes that wiggle seductively when you reel them in

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BOOBIES are special flies for stillwater fishing and have a large buoyancy body in the form of two oversized eyes integrated directly behind the hook eye as a common feature. Due to the very special shape of these round floats, you can imagine with a little imagination how this type of fly got its name. BOOBIES are popular when fishing for trout and belong - together with the blobs - to the standard repertoire of every stillwater professional.

The extreme catchability of this fly pattern is also due to the very special properties that the floats give the fly. Due to the great buoyancy, the fly can be offered floating on the surface with a floating line, but also with a sinking line at any desired depth, where it then floats over the bottom. Especially in combination with a sinking fly line, boobies work very attractively, because when retrieving, the fly first moves down towards the sink line and then slowly rises again during the retrieve pauses due to its own buoyancy. By combining different sink rates, leader lengths, fly sizes, retrieve speeds and corresponding stops, you can offer your boobies in a wide variety of water depths.

But the big eyes have another decisive advantage: when retrieving, they create water resistance and make waves that make your fly wobble and vibrate in an extremely tempting way. This ultimate attraction is what makes boobies such successful flies in Stillwater and gives you great catches even when others are not catching anything.

You should always offer boobies as a tip fly, as the drag will cause it to tangle or start rotating on the side arm.