Fly line backing

Play it safe when the longed-for trophy sized fish finally takes your fly

Even if the backing is only rarely actually used in classic fly fishing for trout, grayling and co. it fulfils an important function. Spooled onto your fly reel, this thin, strong, stretch-free and supple line increases the effective spool diameter so that your fly line tends to curl less, and you can reel in more fly line per turn when retrieving. However, if a bigger fish takes your fly, the backing is like an insurance. Classic fly lines are usually around thirty metres long. With strong fish and long runs, you are happy about every extra metre of backing on your fly reel. Especially when fly fishing in Stillwater, for salmon or many other predatory fish in fresh and salt water, you should always have enough backing on your fly reel. In our shop you will find backing in many different lengths, colours and suitable carrying capacity for different applications.

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