Fly fishing backpacks & sling packs

Fishing backpacks are indispensable for carrying a lot of equipment

Fishing backpacks can be very practical, especially if you want to take a lot of equipment with you to the water. For a short trip to the water after work, a fishing backpack probably won't be essential, but for longer fishing sessions where you'll be covering a lot of distance and can't run back to the car quickly, they're almost indispensable. In the spacious pockets of the backpack, you can carry a lot of things that you don't need to have at hand all the time, such as spare clothes, provisions, a first aid kit and much more. Some of our fishing backpacks are fully waterproof, so you'll be ready for a sudden change of weather and can protect your clothes or electronic equipment like a camera from a downpour.

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A good backpack, resistant and waterproof, is essential if you are a fly fisherman who likes to venture on excursions that keep you away from home even for a few days. With these backpacks you can carry everything you need, including delicate equipment such as cameras or drones, to reach for example beautiful alpine lakes keeping everything safe from mud and rain.

The high capacity of the backpacks will allow you to take everything you need for your excursions with you, while padded and adjustable shoulder straps will also make carrying heavy loads comfortable.