Our successful whitefish sabiki rigs have proven their catchability countless times over

Whitefish can be very choosy and apart from the right fishing spot, the most important thing is the right pattern that fools the fish at the moment. The preferences of the whitefish can change very quickly and a certain nymph pattern that brought you nice catches yesterday can go empty today. That's one of the reasons why we have such a varied selection within our range of whitefish sabikis, so that you can buy the most catching model for every situation. All our sabikis have been extensively tested in different lakes in Germany, Austria and Italy. Only those models that have produced very good results on different waters are sold in our shop. Both the individual nymphs and the sabiki rig are made by professional tyers. This guarantees cleanly tied flies as well as rigs that move well and guarantee you maximum effectiveness when fishing. You can use our whitefish sabikis on both jigging rods as well as with floats.

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Only nymphs that have been successfully tested and used in a wide variety of waters over the years are used in the composition of our sabiki. They have been proven to catch fish on the Attersee, Weissensee and Irrsee in Austria, on the Wörthsee and Ammersee in Germany as well as on the Haidersee, Lago di Levico, Lago di Caldonazzo and Lago di Garda in Italy, just to name a few. But they are used with success in many other whitefish lakes across the Alpine arc.

The hand tied nymphs of our sabiki imitate the different life stages of various water insects, especially the larvae and pupae of chironomids. With our wide range of sabiki, we also cover all common colours such as black, red, brown, green and purple, as well as the most popular colour combinations.

You will find nymphs with tied heads as well as heads made of glass beads or with glitter effect. There are also nymphs in different silhouettes, with thorax, with ribbed bodies as well as very slim and deliberately sparsely tied patterns.

In our range of sabiki there are some with nymphs of a certain tying style but in different colours. With these so-called search sabiki, you can determine the colours that are currently the most catchable on a particular body of water. Having found the colour that is currently “on”, you should switch to the sabiki with all the nymphs of this same colour.

All sabiki rigs are hand tied, are approx. 220 cm long and are fitted with 5 nymphs spaced approx. 35-40 cm apart. The length of the side arms is approx. 3-4 cm.

We only use high-quality fishing lines, with fluorocarbon or nylon lines being used depending on the sabiki series. Moreover, depending on the series, the nymphs are tied on gold-coloured or burnished quality hooks, in sizes #12, 14 and #16. All nymphs are attached to the side arm with a loop knot. This allows maximum freedom of movement so that the nymphs can play lively on the rig. This way they perfectly mimic the jerking and twitching movements of the pupal stages of chironomids as they rise from the bottom to the surface. In any case, make sure that the sabiki rig is attached the right way round.

Important: The side arms must protrude upwards so that the sabiki nymphs can move optimally.

All our whitefish sabiki can be fished both, rigged on a float or vertically jigged. Although explicitly designed for whitefish, you can always experience pleasant surprise catches in waters where trout, perch and char are also found.

Depending on the series, the sabiki is equipped with a large line loop at both ends, into which both the bottom lead and the carabiner of your main line can be quickly looped or hooked. Alternatively, a swivel has been included at the top end for easy attachment on the snap of your main line, while the bottom end has a swivel with snap for attaching the casting weight.