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With the Game Changer, the name says it all - an incredibly catchy streamer

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Game Changer - with this streamer, the name literally says it all. This streamer has had a lasting impact on fly fishing for predatory fish, perhaps even revolutionising it. Originally esigned and popularized by Blane Chocklett, the Game Changer can now be found in many areas of fly fishing.

The Game Changer is not a specific streamer model with precise tying instructions. Rather, the original Game Changer has has evolved to become a own fly design style. It is fished in many different sizes and designs in both fresh and saltwater and catches every predator from trout to tarpon.

But what is so special about this streamer? The most striking feature of the Game Changer is its unrivalled mobility. This is due to the highly structured streamer body because the Game Changer is not classically tied to a hook shank, but the individual body segments are tied to specially developed shanks, which in turn are hooked onto each other. The "chain" of more or less many tied body segments form the "spine" of the imitated baitfish and this gives the Game Changer its incredible freedom of movement and its enticing action in the water.

Because of these deceptively real-looking swimming movements, the Game Changer is also sometimes called the swimbait of fly fishing. This is certainly not an exaggeration. On the contrary, with the materials used, prey fish can be imitated extremely realistically, so that the Game Changer creates an absolutely natural fish silhouette in the water. But that's not all. Because of the very low weight, Game Changers can be cast well with the fly rod and hover very enticingly in the water.

No weight also means no resistance and so the Game Changer works with the slightest movement. The deceptively real swimming movement is also created by the fibres of the body material, which creates reflections due to the streamer's own movement or the current and thus seemingly breathes life into the Game Changer. In addition, the profile of the Game Changer changes at different retrieve speeds and depending on the stiffness of the body fibres. If it is guided fast or played in a fast current, the fibres lie closer to the body due to the current pressure, otherwise they stand out further and thus also increase the profile of the Game Changer. With fast strips and abrupt breaks in the retrieve, the Game Changer really pulsates in the water and exerts a tremendous attraction on all predatory fish.

Most bites come exactly at the moment of these retrieve stops, when there is no more tension on the line, the Game Changer slows down, "inflates" a little and changes direction or tips slightly to the side. Therefore, it is advisable not to strike prematurely and thus into the sagging line when a bite occurs. Rather, you should wait a short moment until the predator turns away with the supposed prey to make a solid and safe strike.

The Game Changer also proves to be at least equal, if not superior, to other lures when playing the fish. The great freedom of movement of this streamer due to its jointed design offers the fish no leverage to free itself from the hook when it shakes its head and jumps out of the water. A problem that often occurs with rigid artificial lures. This flexible streamer follows all the fish's movements, so losing the fish while reeling it in is significantly minimised.

The Game Changer has certainly added an important facet to fly fishing. It can also enrich your fishing and give you many unforgettable moments in pursuit of your favourite predatory fish. You are only a few clicks away.