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Euro Nymphing is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in fly fishing. No wonder, because this technique is extremely effective and also quite easy to handle, so that even enthusiastic beginners will land their first fish very soon. The great advantage of Euro Nymphing is the constant direct contact with your nymphs, so that you can optimally follow their drift and feel every tug, no matter how fine, and quit it with a strike. In order to stay in touch with your nymphs at all times, the right Euro Nymph gear is indispensable. That's why we have put together the perfect equipment for you in this product category. Here you can not only buy the best fly rods, matching fly reels, special lines and other accessories to be successful at Euro Nymph style fishing. You'll also find a huge selection of super-catchy nymphs that will get you right to the bottom where the fish are.

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