Barbless bee & wasp fly patterns

You excellently see bee, wasp & bumblebee patterns even in tubulent water because of their contrasting colours

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When the flowers and trees along the waterways are in full bloom, it is the time of the bee, bumblebee and co. For the fish, these insects are particularly interesting, as the tidy morsel promises a lot of energy with little effort.

For us fly fishers, instead, the eye-catching colouring of these insects is a great advantage. This makes the imitations of these insects easily visible even in fast, turbulent water. The stocky bodies can be best imitated with deer hair or foam in the appropriate colouring. Tied in this way, these artificial flies swim extremely high and reliably.

In addition, bees, bumblebees, and wasps usually swarm throughout the day. In this way, their imitations still entice fish to rise in the central hours of the day when there is otherwise little insect activity.