Unweighted streamers

Light-weight streamers are so catchy because they move with great liveliness

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Unweighted streamers have two great advantages over very heavy ones: they look much more natural in the water and, thanks to their upward and downward movements, you can make them work much more lively. So the classic lightweight or low ballast streamers are still very popular today (such as the Muddler Minnow, for example).

Unweighted streamers can also be used very effectively in different depths: attached to a floating fly line and retrieved just below the surface layer or a few centimetres underwater, these baits will sparkle and often ensure very good catches. To be able to fish these streamers deeper, just ballast the terminal at 50 cm from the bait with a little tungsten paste. You'll be amazed at the effectiveness. However, if you intend to fish even deeper, it is advisable to use a sinktip fly line (a floating main fly line with a sinking tip) or a combination of a floating fly line and a heavy polyleader.

Often the success of fly fishing with the streamer depends on how the bait is handled (lively, slow or fast). Often the diagonal retrieval to the current is the most promising. We recommend attaching the streamer with a loop knot (e.g. rapala knot) to the eye of the hook, which ensures increased lively movement in the water.