Replacement rubber nets

Soft rubber nets are gentle on fish and ideal for C&R

Here you will find replacement nets made of a very soft rubber compound with which you can upgrade your fly-fishing net. These rubber nets offer you and the fish a whole range of advantages over the classic nets made of fabric material. The soft material protects the fish's sensitive mucous membranes, minimising stress and the risk of injuring the netted fish when releasing the fly. Your flies are much quicker and easier to release from a rubber net. Especially if your flies are barbed, you will appreciate such a replacement net made of soft rubber material. Last but not least, a rubber net is also much easier to clean of slime and dirt than a fabric net. In addition, it dries much faster and does not emit bad odours. We offer these replacement rubber nets in different sizes and colours, so you can find the ideal variant for your fly-fishing net.

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