Facocchi loom woven flies

Facocchi flies - super realistic patterns where the fly body is decoupled from the hook

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The Facocchi special dry flies for trout and grayling have their name from the nickname of the inventor-brothers Facocchi from Rome. These dry flies belong to the weirdest artificial flies that I have ever seen, because they are not tied on a hook, but on a nylon mesh.

Trouts and graylings love these flies first because they imitate the real Mayflies in a realistic way. The body of the artificial fly, which consists of a hardwearing mesh of diverse thick and varicolored invisible nylon threads (monofilament), simulates nearly perfect the real Mayflies and is therefore a guarantor for awesome catches.

By the complete decoupling of artificial fly and fly hook the Facocchi special dry flies own very realistic floating qualities, far more than classic dry flies. These dry flies act very fast on little stream changes, as the real flies do. The fly hook is situated free below the hackles in a stable loop of monofilament, consequently the float behavior is as natural as possible.

Facocchi flies are very persistent, because they are tied on a flexible monofilament and not on a hard fly hook. Therefore, the tying threads are less damaged by the teeth of fish and thus these dry flies effortlessly survive many bites.

Another advantage of decoupling the fly body from the hook is the flies dry very quickly and so the hooks do not rust. Altogether these special dry flies in the style of Facocchi have a very long lifetime and are therefore a must for every fly fisherman box. Fly fishing with the Facocchi flies is guaranteed a special adventure.

The Facocchi special dry flies are manufactured completely by hand in Italy.