Barbless searching flies

These searching fly patterns on barbless hooks are especially catchy when you use them actively

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In dry fly fishing the searching flies is used when there is no mass hatching of insects in the wild and therefore when trout and grayling are not feeding on the surface. In this case logically you could switch to nymph fishing, but those who have already managed to fool our finned friends with a searching flies will confirm that it is an incomparably more beautiful experience.

Searching flies have in common that they are voluminous, float very well and are well visible to the fly fisherman and the fish. The goal is to entice our finned friends to move up to the surface so as not to let the alleged bite escape. So we don't imitate an insect that is hatching, but we try to fool the fish by exploiting their greed - because of the size of the alleged fly for the fish it's worth investing the energy to go up to the surface!

Bites usually occur suddenly and violently - unlike mass hatching, during which fish are often very suspicious and cautious. It often happens that the fly is almost swallowed - so we made the whole series on barbless hooks.

The premium searching flies series (code SFL301 to SFL331) is entirely handmade in Italy! As a special feature we use suede hair, often in conjunction with polystyrene or foam balls.