Heavy metal tungsten nymphs barbless

Large tungsten beads ensure that these heavy metal nymphs go deep quickly

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The series HEAVY METAL NINFE TUNG. BL nymphs are designed for probing the abyss. They are particularly heavy nymphs, ideal for probing deep holes.

Almost all flies are equipped with a jig hook, which allows the artificial to always remain with the hook point upwards. This significantly reduces the risk of stranding on the bottom and also preserves the sharpness of the point from contact with the rocks of the bottom.

In order to create this beautiful series of MADE IN ITALY artificial flies, we have chosen quite classic dressings but with a solid and proven effectiveness in fishing.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • Made by the best Italian fly tyers
  • All the experience of European competitions
  • 40% more effective than traditional flies
  • Best fly tying materials used
  • Carefully designed dressings