Pike fly reels

Sufficient capacity and reliable reel brakes

Pike fly reels should have two main characteristics: on the one hand, the capacity of the line capacity must be sufficient to easily accommodate the suitable fly lines with their thick and heavy heads, even if they are not spooled cleanly and evenly which can easily happen during the fight. On the other hand, the fly reel's drag should work reliably, start immediately and develop the appropriate drag force to stand up to a big pike beyond the metre mark. Fighting a pike is spectacular, because usually it literally explodes after you set the hook and the fish performs a wild dance. The pike is not a marathon runner, but if the reel drag locks up on the fish's first run, the dream catch is history. That's exactly why we have put together the best pike fly reel models for you in this category. Here you can buy any fly reel without hesitation, as they are all reliable and suitable for this type of fly fishing.
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