With the right equipment, fly fishing is really fun!

The market today offers an incredibly wide range of fly-fishing tackle. Where it is already difficult to keep track, a reasonable choice is almost impossible. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we have put together the best fly-fishing tackle for you in our shop. Not only the quality is convincing, but also the honest and reasonable price. In this way, we make it easy for you to equip yourself optimally without spending a fortune. The right fly-fishing tackle makes all the difference and can decide whether you spend a wonderful day on the water or whether the fishing trip is a flop. The right fly-fishing equipment also helps you to fish as effectively as possible with minimal effort and to be successful.

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You want to buy fly-fishing equipment? Then you are in the right place in our online fly fishing shop, whether you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisherman.

In addition to our brand "basic fly fishing" and "hotfly superb", we have a wide assortment of equipment from the best manufacturers such as JMC Mouches de Charette, thinkfish, flying fisherman, loon outdoors and many others. Uncompromising quality and an honest price-performance ratio are important to us, regardless of whether it is fly rods, reels or fly line.

If you are a beginner in fly fishing and need advice or want to ask more in-depth questions about certain products, you can contact us without any problems. We will try to answer you within 24 hours.