Tenkara lines

Furled lines, level lines & tenkara line made from natural silk

Tenkara fishing is characterised by its reduced simplicity, and for anglers, this essence of fishing with a fly is what makes it so appealing. Hence your equipment for Tenkara fishing is reduced to a minimum, it must be all the better adapted to your needs and preferences so that you can enjoy this type of fishing to the full. This is especially true when choosing the right Tenkara line. We have the right Tenkara line for every application. Tapered lines that are easier and smoother to cast, but come in predefined lengths. And of course, Tenkara level lines with a constant diameter that you can cut to any desired length. For all lovers of classic fishing, we also offer a super fine Tenkara line made of natural silk. With our special Tenkara lines, you don't have to concentrate on casting, but can enjoy fishing.

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