Sea trout flies

The most catchable sea trout flies to be successful on the coast

The sea trout is generally considered the fish of a thousand casts. If you fly fish for this elusive salmonid, you should do so with the most successful sea trout fly patterns to significantly increase your chances of catching a such a “silver bar”. For this, we have compiled the best and catchiest sea trout flies for you here. From a variety of shrimp patterns to sea worms and classics like Magnus and Kobberbassen, our collection covers all aspects of sea trout fishing, so you'll be well equipped for any situation. Our sea trout flies are all carefully handcrafted by professional fly tiers using the finest materials. This guarantees not only attractive patterns but also very durable flies. With our sea trout flies, nothing stands in the way of your adventure on the coast.

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Sea trout are brown trout that have developed a habit of migrating into the sea due to the increased presence of food. They reach large sizes and are exceptional fighters. The selection of saltwater flies that we offer you has been specifically designed for this predator and mimic its favorite prey.