Tube flies for pikes & predatory fish

Tube flies: versatile, variable, long-lasting & absolutely catchy

Tube flies are special fly patterns that make use of a small plastic or metal tube instead of a conventional hook. These tubes are the base for tying the tube fly and various materials such as feathers, fur or synthetic tying materials are attached to them to create the corresponding fly pattern. Tube flies are particularly popular when fishing for larger pike but also salmon as they offer a number of advantages. Tube flies are very versatile and can be adjusted in terms of size, weight and profile. The flexibly attached hook does not need a long hook shank even with large fly patterns. On the one hand, this increases the hook up and landing ratio, as the leverage is minimised. On the other hand, tube flies are also more durable, as the fly can slide up the leader and is less stressed during the fight. So on your next fly fishing trip for pike, be sure to try some of our catchy tube flies.

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Recently, many interesting pike flies have been developed. We have also developed a new series of pike tubeflies: these tube-streamer are very large - from 16 to 25 cm in length - but at the same time super light.

They guarantee effortless, faraway casting. We recommend using an intermediate sinking fly line.