Barbless jig tungsten nymphs bomber

Two tungsten beads quickly bring these nymphs to depth

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Often in order to be effective in particular fishing contexts we have to reach the bottom of the river in the shortest possible time, in this regard we are helped by the nymphs jig tung. bomber BL that are very heavy artificial, designed specifically for this reason.

The artificial fly is made with a double tungsten ballast that will sink it very quickly. It is possible to use this type of bait as a sinker for the second nymph, using the weight of the heavier fly to sink a smaller and lighter fly.

Although it may seem like a disproportionate bait, in our tests it has proved to be very captivating with both trout and grayling. Sometimes being able to reach the bottom quickly makes the difference between catching the fish or not.

The whole series was made on barbless hooks of quality.