Partridge feathers for fly tying

The best partridge feathers for your nymphs, wet flies and small streamers

Partridge feathers certainly belong on every tying table because of their many great features. Their mottled or speckled appearance allows them to imitate the natural colouring of aquatic insects and other small prey. The soft fibres of the partridge feathers are primarily used for fly patterns that are offered under water. Their mobility gives your nymphs, wet flies and also smaller streamer patterns a lot of liveliness and makes your flies extremely attractive for trout, grayling and co. These feathers are very versatile and can be tied in to mimic tails but also legs or wings. The soft fibres may look delicate and filigree, but if you tie in the feather correctly, your fly pattern will they prove durable against a lot of takes and fights. We have partridge feathers that are perfect for fly tying: natural or coloured, selected as well as on the bellows or neck or wing, where you will find the matching feathers in different sizes to have the right feather for each hook size at hand.

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Partridge feathers are one of the most widely used fly tying materials. Versatile and easy to work, they can be used to make and dress dry flies, emergers, wet flies, nymphs and even streamers. When they are wound onto the hook, the barbs of the partridge feathers open up, separating very well from each other, thus imitating the insect's legs or other appendages in a quite real way. Being very soft, they move very well in water and will make your artificial fly more lifelike and therefore irresistible. Moreover, the fine speckled barbs will give your fly patterns a more natural and thus more realistic look.

In addition to imitating the insect's legs, you can also use partridge feathers to mimic the wings quite easily. In this case, however, you will not wrap the feather around the hook shank, but simply tie them flat on the back of the fly.

There are countless other possibilities and ways to use these versatile feathers, just let your creativity and imagination run free.

Make sure to choose the right feather size when you are going to use partridge feathers to tie your fly patterns in order that they match the proportions of the fly as well as the size of the fly tying hook. For this reason, you will find various sizes of partridge feathers in our packages to meet all your needs. Of course, you can also go for the complete partridge skin where you have an almost infinite range of sizes and shades at your disposal or choose the head and neck part or the wing of a partridge if you go either for smaller or larger feathers.

In addition to natural colours, such as grey and brown, we offer also dyed partridge feathers. In this way, you can better match the colours of the fly patterns you are going to tie, creating chromatically homogeneous or contrasting imitations.