1000flies - our online fly fishing shop

Welcome to 1000flies, the "slightly different" online shop for fly fishers. Different because we have made it our goal not to sell "every" fly fishing product that the market produces. And often not even the entire product range that a manufacturer produces.

From numerous conversations with customers, whether experienced fly tyers or budding fly fishers, we have heard that it is damn difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and to keep track of everything in view of the flood of new products that are thrown onto the market every year.

A quick look at the product group of fly lines is enough to understand what we mean. Only 10-20 years ago there was a very manageable number of different fly line types or profiles: DT and WF profile in floating, intermediate and sinking versions, that was it. Today, most fly line manufacturers offer a myriad of profiles, often differing only in nuances, but above all confusing fly fishers. One almost has the impression that a specially developed line profile is necessary for every different fly rod, which is of course nonsense.

That is why we have decided to make "a kind of pre-selection" in our fly fishing online store:

  1. We only stock brands that have a balanced price-performance ratio. So we don't sell junk, but also no overpriced products from so-called premium manufacturers that are off the charts in terms of price-performance.
  2. We carefully choose which products of a manufacturer we offer at all. It often happens that, from the point of view of price-performance ratio, not the entire range of a brand is of equal value to us. As a rule, we are convinced by the products in the middle price range and the core products of a supplier, less often by the accessories around them. Would you like an example? The Nanosilk tying thread from semperfli is great, even if it is not cheap. Professional fly tyers all over the world appreciate it for its strength and thin diameter. Many other tying materials from semperfli, on the other hand, are far less special - which is why we have not included them in our range.
  3. We do not let our assortment grow too deep. From our point of view, it makes little sense, for example, to stock waders of countless brands, as they often only differ in appearance, but not in technical make. Only in the case of artificial flies, our historical no. 1 core competence, do we not really succeed. Here, the urge to bring new catching fly patterns onto the market is greater than common sense. Of course, we know that in principle a handful of fly patterns would be enough to fish successfully all year round.

In summary, we see it as our responsibility to offer our customers only those brands and products that fully convince us.

Thus, in our online fly fishing store you will find a manageable range of products around the topics of wading (wading boots, fly fishing waders, fly vests and packs), basic equipment (fly rods, fly reels, fly lines) and fly tying (fly hooks, tying thread, tungsten beads, feathers and furs, etc.). In order to keep track of our huge range of flies, we have set up clear categories and sub-categories.

Besides "filtering out the right products", the service provided is an essential feature of our company philosophy. We strive to provide detailed information in our fly fishing online shop, i.e. easily understandable written product texts, high-quality product photos and, where useful, helpful videos. We strive to make our online shop for fly fishers as clear as possible, to keep it technically up to date (fast loading times, responsive design, etc.) and to make the ordering process as simple and intuitive as possible.

World-wide deliveries with DHL Express have been standard for us for many years, as has the availability of our friendly staff for telephone questions and queries (of course also by e-mail). Third-party trust marks and real customer reviews, such as via trusted shops, ensure that we deliver what we promise.