Fluorocarbon leader material

Ideal for nymph fishing: High density & abrasion resistance, low visibility under water

Fluorocarbon leader material is ideal for fly fishing with nymphs because it offers you a whole range of advantages. Fluorocarbon has a similar light refraction factor to water, so it is almost invisible when submerged. This makes it much more inconspicuous to fish. It also has a higher density than other monofilament fishing lines, so it sinks faster. This is especially important for nymph fishing, when you want to present your flies as quickly as possible just above the river bottom. It is also more abrasion-resistant and therefore more durable. And last but not least, fluorocarbon does not stretch as much, so you can feel even the finest bites and the structure of the water bottom much better. Here we offer the first-class Fluorocarbon leader material with excellent properties in all common diameters. Fluorocarbon fishing lines come at a price, but the practical fluorocarbon leader material allows you to customise your leaders to suit your needs and even just replace the leader tip if necessary.

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