Barbless stonefly nymphs

Classic & modern interpretations of stonefly nymphs on barbless hooks

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Plecopters are insects which, before taking flight with their last metamorphosis, live mainly in water. They have very strong legs with which they anchor and move to the bottom of the stream. The dimensions they reach are really remarkable if compared to the other insects that live in the streams, in fact some plecopters can reach a length of 5cm.

The imitations of plecopters that we offer you are very realistic. In fact, we have reproduced all the legs and antennas with which this insect is equipped while maintaining the proportions between head, chest and abdomen as truthful as possible.

Made to work on the bottom of the river at the right time of year, this nymph can become a very delicious morsel, which trout and graylings will not be able to resist.