Stonefly nymphs & large-sized nymphs

A trout never easily misses a stonefly nymph

Stonefly nymphs should never be missing from your fly box, because a catchy pattern of a stonefly nymph is a very tasty morsel for many fish, which they are extremely reluctant to miss. This is because the larvae of various stoneflies can colonise clean, oxygen-rich and summer-cool flowing waters in large numbers. This makes them an important food source for fish. Due to their quite long life cycles, they are also available all year round and, depending on the species and age, stonefly nymphs can also reach a decent size. This, of course, makes them an attractive prey, as no fish will spurn such a rich morsel. Moreover, they are not very fast and strong crawlers or swimmers, which also makes them an easy target for fish. We have compiled the best and catchiest stonefly nymph patterns for you in this product category.

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In this category of flies you will find a wide range of plecopter nymphs with models that are also quite large. Plecopter nymphs can only be found in very pure waters, where they are a delicacy for trout and graylings. Sometimes these baits are attacked very abruptly.
These nymphs love cold, oxygen-rich waters. They do not swim, but move on the bottom. Predatory larvae live under rocks and often feed on insect larvae. In addition to the smaller species, there are also very large plecopter nymphs.
If you are looking for realistic imitations of plecopter nymphs, we recommend the special flies from J:sonSweden.