Complete fly rod combos

With these fly rod combos you are always right - and save money on top of that

Our completefly fishing kit consisting of a modern fly rod, a smooth-running fly reel, the matching fly line and sufficient backing offers you a number of advantages. Fly rod and fly line are perfectly matched to ensure efficient casts, precise presentations and good control of your fly. The enclosed fly reel balances your fly rod set well and offers sufficient capacity for fly line and backing. The fly line and backing are already spooled on the fly reel, so that your fly fishing kit arrives at your home ready to fish. Some of our complete sets also come with a leader already attached, so you really only have to tie the fly to get started. And best of all, with a fly fishing kit you save money compared to buying them individually. We offer you suitable sets for many types of fly fishing. All our fly rod combos are made exclusively of high-quality components that will satisfy both the enthusiastic beginner and the more demanding advanced fly fisherman.

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We have designed complete fly rod and reel combos for both beginners and experienced fishermen. The concrete advantage of buying one of our complete combos is certainly the lower price compared to buying the individual products. We have put together different fly fishing combos in order to have a suitable tackle combo on offer for all tastes and needs.

Our fly-fishing combos consist of fly rod, fly reel, fly line and backing. Some of our combos are even equipped with a matching leader. We have already spooled backing and fly line on the reel, so that your new fly rod combo comes to your home ready-to-fish. You just need to:

  • unpack
  • attach leader (if not already present) and fly
  • ...and off to the water!

Some of our fly fishing combos are modular. This means that you can further customise your rod and reel combos on the details page, for example, by choosing from several fly reels or fly lines to put together your personal dream combo. Fly rod combos are a very simple and, above all, inexpensive way for beginners to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of fly fishing. We also have fly rod sets for more experienced fly fishermen:


In our fly rod combos for beginners you will not find those typical low budget beginner products, which you want to replace with better products as soon as you gain a little practice and confidence with your tackle. Instead, we have selected only high-quality product combinations for these fly-fishing kits, with which you will enjoy your new hobby for a long time. It was also important to us to be able to offer beginners an combination of fly rod, fly reel and fly line that matches perfectly. Especially at the beginning of your fly-fishing career, it is important to learn fly casting and fly fishing with the right equipment. This way you will quickly get a feeling for fly fishing, and it will be fun from the very first moment. In addition, you don't run the risk of making a mistake with the large number of products available on the market.


In addition, we have also put together complete rod and reel combos for more demanding and experienced fly fishers. Here, the focus is primarily on performance and therefore premium products are used. The individual components of these pro combos, of course, perfectly match and are not only suitable for the advanced fly fisherman. These fly fishing combos are also suitable for the enthusiastic beginner in the wonderful world of fly fishing. Just like with all other rod and reel combos, you also save money with the pro fly fishing combos compared to buying the products individually.