Fly fishing nippers

Quickly and easily trim excess line

With our practical fly-fishing nippers, protruding line ends can be quickly and easily cut off very cleanly and tightly. This creates neat knots that are very inconspicuous, offer little water resistance and glide well through the running guide of your fly rod. Our small and lightweight fly-fishing nippers are very easy to attach to your equipment using the ball chain. When attached to a retractor or pull-out strap, your fly-fishing nippers is quickly at hand when you need it. Many of our models have a pleasant grip surface and are equipped with additional functions and features such as a spike or needle. This way you can quickly and easily clean a stuck hook eye or sharpen the hook again after a hang-up. You can also buy fly-fishing nippers with useful additional features such as a knot tool or a file to sharpen the hook after a snag.

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