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Italian know-how, by anglers for anglers - also with photochromic lenses

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Aqua was founded in Italy in the mid-1990s. Its founder, having considerable experience in the field of sunglasses and also having a great passion for fishing, decided to develop specific sunglasses for the fishing industry. Aqua sunglasses meet the demands of the most demanding professional fishermen with ingenious solutions for every need.

The lenses of all Aqua sunglasses are polarised and will allow you to see clearly what is under the surface of the water because they eliminate the annoying reflections that are generated by the incidence of the sun on a flat surface such as that of rivers, lakes and seas. This not only helps you spot active fish, but also allows you to see clearly where you are stepping so you can wade safely in the stream.

Your eyes are also 100% protected from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can cause serious damage to your eyes in the long term if not filtered out by special lenses.

In our online fly fishing shop we have 9 different models of glasses:

  • Polar
  • Teno
  • River
  • Wade
  • Trout
  • Perch
  • Pike

The first 7 models listed above are available in 4 different lens colours: yellow, grey, brown and blue. The yellow, grey and brown colours are polarised lenses, while all the glasses with blue lenses are polarised and mirrored. For each of these models there is a polarised and photochromic spectacle with a yellow/amber coloured lens.

For a better understanding, let's take the RIVER model as an example, which applies to all others. In the picture below, the polarised spectacles are shown in a red frame under the left spectacle, while the blue frame shows the polarised and mirrored spectacles. The right spectacle, in the purple frame, is the polarised and photochromic version.

The last two models in our Aqua sunglasses series are a great solution for those with vision problems and are the:

  • Fit Over
  • Fokus

The FIT OVER are designed to be worn comfortably over your prescription glasses, while the FOKUS are normal polarised glasses with a small portion of the lens that can correct the vision of those who cannot see well up close.

Aqua's frames are very comfortable and lightweight. Even if you wear them all day long, they won't bother you. Thanks to their wrap-around design they will naturally follow the curvature of your head, remaining stable in any situation. This prevents them from accidentally falling off in an abrupt movement, with the risk of losing or ruining them.

The sunglasses from the Italian company Aqua guarantee high visual performance at a very fair price. The materials used are robust and of high quality, to withstand even the less than delicate treatment generally reserved for them by us fishermen.

If you want to clarify your ideas and find out which sunglasses are best for you, you can read our guide of fishing sunglasses.