Euro Nymph reels

Fly reels with high line pull and closed reel frame

Euro-Nymph reels are characterised by very specific properties in order to offer optimum performance when fly fishing with thin lines and slightly longer fly rods. For example, these reels have a circumferential, "closed" reel frame that prevents the fine lines from jumping over the edge of the spool and then wrapping around the reel axle. This is not only annoying but can also kink or damage the line and thus weaken it. A large spool diameter makes it easier to reel in the line so that you can always keep the fish under tension, even in a fight. Much more important than the maximum drag power of Euro-Nymph reels is a fine and precisely adjustable reel drag, which protects the thiun and fine tippets from unwanted line breakage. When buying a Euro nymph reel, you should not look for the lightest reel, but for one that optimally balances your fly rod. This will make your fishing much more relaxed and successful.

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A number of new fly reels have recently come onto the market that are specially designed for Euronymphing. One feature makes them particularly suitable for this type of fishing and that is the closed reel frame.

As mono lines but also the special Euro Nymph fly lines are much thinner than a classic fly line, the problem with conventional reel frames is that the thin lines get caught between the frame and the spool during retrieving and wrap around the reel axle.

The closed reel frame forms a kind of cage that prevents both mono line and the thinnest fly lines from jumping over the edge of the spool. In this way, inextricable line tangles on your Euronymph fly reel are a thing of the past.


Semi-automatic reels have construction-conditioned a closed reel frame and are therefore ideal for Euronymph fishing. The Spaniards, in particular, prefer to use this type of reel for their "pesca al hilo", favouring first and foremost the well-known VIVARELLI reels. The Spanish company Luckybur has produced numerous accessories for this great Italian classic to customise the Vivarelli reels and make them even more effective for Euronymphing.

We also have semi-automatic reels specially designed for Euronymphing, such as the YOTO NYMPH from JMC, which has a classic crank handle in addition to the typical line retrieve lever as well as a ceramic line guide ring.


When we talk about Euronymph reels, we can't help but highlight a really interesting and innovative reel, the EURO FLY PRO from Hotfly.

This reel is a purebred Euronymph reel with all the advantages, but thanks to its ingenious reel frame, it can accommodate spools with different line capacities, so you can fish with it in Euronymph style as well as with the dry fly without having to remove the reel frame from the rod.

There are 2 different models, the EURO FLY PRO with a numbered drag and the EURO FLY. The latter is a very interesting version in terms of price, which also allows you to mount spools with different capacities on the same reel frame.


Although it is relatively easy to start fishing at Euronymph, many people don't know how to take their first steps in technique and equipment. This is why we have put together an COMPLETE TUTORIAL TO EURONYMPH in which we cover all the main topics in detail, such as:

  • How the Euronymph technique was born
  • What are its strengths compared to other fly fishing techniques
  • What specific equipment to buy
  • What are the most commonly used rigs
  • How to cast and drift your nymphs effectively