Euro Nymph reels

Fly reels with high line pull and closed reel frame

Euro-Nymph reels are characterised by very specific properties in order to offer optimum performance when fly fishing with thin lines and slightly longer fly rods. For example, these reels have a circumferential, "closed" reel frame that prevents the fine lines from jumping over the edge of the spool and then wrapping around the reel axle. This is not only annoying but can also kink or damage the line and thus weaken it. A large spool diameter makes it easier to reel in the line so that you can always keep the fish under tension, even in a fight. Much more important than the maximum drag power of Euro-Nymph reels is a fine and precisely adjustable reel drag, which protects the thiun and fine tippets from unwanted line breakage. When buying a Euro nymph reel, you should not look for the lightest reel, but for one that optimally balances your fly rod. This will make your fishing much more relaxed and successful.
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