Rig winders & rig boxes

Rig winder help you tu keep the perfect overview and quickly change your rig

Especially when fishing with a sabiki, these rig winders have proven to be very useful. They allow you to store and transport all your sabikis in a very neat and tidy way. It's just as easy to assemble or quickly replace a sabiki. With their many hooks on up to 5 side arms, they can be hooked anywhere very quickly. Our rig winders are made of a fine foam material. The discs have a practical groove so that the line cannot jump off the winder. The small hooks can be easily and safely pierced at the edges. We also have the matching winder boxes, which make storage and transport even easier. By the way, our rig winders are not only suitable for sabiki fishing. If you are fishing for nymphs with two or more nymphs, for example, you can pre-assemble different nymph rigs at home and carry it easily to the water. This way you can adapt very quickly to changing conditions on the water and have always the matching nymph rig at hand.

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Here we have put together a range of practical utensils for you to keep all your sabiki rigs safe and tidy. Especially the sabiki rigs with their numerous small hooks are predestined to get caught and tangled everywhere.

The rig winder is perfect for storing your sabiki rigs individually, safely and in a nice order. This way you always have an overview. Changing your sabikis is also quick and easy with these rig winders. This is especially important when a certain colour is running, and the swarm is at the stand. Now everything has to work like clockwork so that you can equip all your rods as quickly as possible with the sabikis having the nymphs with the right colour.

Tip: To avoid wasting time when changing your rig, we recommend that you always wind up the sabiki from the right side. The easiest way to do this is to always start with the bottom end (where the fishing weight is looped in). When attaching it to the rod, first attach the sabiki still on the rig winder to the main fishing line of your rod and then start unwinding. This prevents it from falling to the bottom, or worse, overboard. The same applies to rewind: Remove the fishing weight, reel it onto the rig winder and only then remove it from the main fishing line. You can easily fix the end loops or swivels of your sabikis with pins.

The rig winders are made of soft, light and buoyant material. The all-round groove makes it easy to wind up the sabiki. The fine hooks of the nymphs can be pierced at the lateral protrusions and thus securely fixed.

In turn, the rig winders can be neatly stored and easily transported in the rig boxes. The boxes or bags also protect your sabiki rigs from rain, dirt and other influences. Make sure that the diameters of the rig winders match the boxes.