Jig off tungsten beads

Clever: eccentrically perforated tungsten beads for jig nymphs without jig hooks

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Using our revolutionary jig off tungsten beads you can tie jig nymphs without using a jig hook. All you need is a standard fly hook.

These drop-shaped beads have an off-center hole on the narrowest side (off-center). As a result, the weight is also distributed in a decentralized manner, so the nymphs always sink with the thick (heavy) side of the beads down and the tip of the hook facing up. The advantage of this system is that it is less likely that the artificial fly will be stranded on the bottom, protecting also the sharpening of the tip from the contact with the rocks on the bottom.

With the tungsten jig off beads you can make both nymphs and streamers. For more information, see our fly tying tutorials.