Barbless ceramic french nymphs

Ceramic french nymphs - extra heavy due to lead wrapping, attractively coloured due to glass colours

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"French ceramic nymphs" are very effective, which is why several fly-fishermen have recently heard about them. These nymphs are quite heavy, because the body is made up of a lead wire ligature that is then painted with glass colors. At the end of the construction the nymphs are baked in the oven - no jokes!

There are several reasons why these flies work so well: the segmented body perfectly mimics many larvae. In addition, the baits sink quickly, thanks to the lead tying, the body is smooth and, if present, the tungsten bead.

Especially in waters with a lot of fishing pressure, our finned friends often react almost allergically to the classic golden-bead nymphs. In these cases, ceramic nymphs often make the difference.

The entire series of French ceramic nymphs is tying on barbless hooks. The first 15 models are equipped with tungsten bead, so because of their weight they are suitable for fast and deep water.