Barbless competiton tungsten nymphs

Here you will find the most catchable tungsten nymphs that are also used in competitions

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Fly-fishing competitions are not within everyone's reach. However, it is precisely in this competition scene that new fly models emerge that are extremely attractive (e.g. the Perdigon nymphs, which are now quite common).

Thanks to our network of international contacts with fly-fishermen competing in fly-fishing competitions, especially in Italy and France, we have the opportunity to discover the latest trends in fly-fishing and implement them for "normal" fly-fishermen. Only the models that prove to be valid in competitions are then produced in series by us.

Here you will find the latest competition nymphs: the X-slim Competition series sinks very quickly thanks to the slender body of the nymph, while the Devil series imitates small fry, fish eggs and nymphs thanks to its bushy and soft shape. The Synthquill series seems quite realistic, which can be an advantage in certain situations.

Another chapter in itself are the Jig-Off Perdigon nymphs. With these drop-shaped cartridges, the hole is not deliberately in the middle, but on the narrower side. Due to the unilateral weight distribution, these tungsten nymphs always sink with the tip of the hook facing upwards, which protects them from contact with the stones. These nymphs also have an extremely oversized head and are tied to tiny hooks of 20. These little nymphs come from the successes of the competition and catch the most suspicious fish in depth!

The TCO competition nymph series is constantly expanding. The Perdigon nymphs mentioned at the beginning are in this category separately.