Guideline fly reels

Over 3 decades of experience in fly reels from Guideline

At Guideline, everyone will find the right fly reel for their individual needs, as the company offers a wide range of models in every price category. In addition, each model is available in different sizes so that you can find the matching Guideline fly reel for all situations on the water. From the small and light fly reel for the lower line classes that are commonly used when fly fishing for trout and grayling in small and medium-sized waters, to the large and extremely robust reel series with which you can stand up to even the strongest fish in the world's dream destinations. You immediately notice that there is a lot of experience in every Guideline fly reel by the comfortable handling and practical details. Of course, you can also find the right spare spools here so that you can customise your setup even more. All Guideline fly reels are supplied in a nylon bag that protects the reels even when they are already rigged on the fly rod.
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