Euro Nymph leaders

The best leaders for this innovative & successful way of fly fishing

In this product category you will find a large selection of different monofilament leaders that have been specially developed for Euro Nymphing. The use of these practically weightless mono lines has made modern nymph fishing so incredibly effective. This is because they are very easy to keep completely out of the water, so that cross currents and other obstacles in the river do not negatively affect the natural drift of your nymphs. In addition, these lightweight Euro Nymph prevent slack line, so you can always maintain direct contact with your nymphs during the entire drift. This means you won't miss any more takes and can also set the hook much faster thanks to the taut line. The eye-catching colours make it easier for you to follow your leader in different light conditions and replace an additional sighter for simple rigs. Available in different lengths, colours as well as with or without a micro ring, you will also find the perfect Euro Nymphing leader for your individual needs.

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