Wading shoes Made in Italy - definitely the best choice

We have a wide range of wading boots in different price ranges. Among them you will find a range of wading boots we developed by ourselves and that are entirely handmade in Italy. Thanks to thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe, we can only recommend these Made in Italy wading boots. The quality of the workmanship is at the highest level. And their durability is clearly above that of the big manufacturers and renowned brands. Andrew wading boots are the top models in our online shop. If you are looking for wading boots that offers you an outstanding grip when wading and that also delivers what it promises in terms of durability and comfort, then you should simply give them a try. Based on the many positive feedbacks, we are sure that you will also be very satisfied with them.

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In our online shop for fly fishermen, we offer a range of different models of wading boots. Before you choose the model that best suits your needs, we recommend that you consider where and how often your wading boots will be used.

If you are a fly fisherman who only fish a limited number of days and are not on difficult terrain, we can recommend any of the wading boots in our shop. In this case, one of the more convenient models is also very suitable, which can score points with its low weight and flexible fit.

However, if you are an ambitious and passionate fly fisherman who spends many hours on the water and is out and about in rough and demanding terrain, then we would definitely advise you to choose one of our Italian-made wading boots. This way you can be sure to buy a durable and almost scuffproof product.



You want to buy a reliable, robust and durable wading boot that can withstand a lot? You search for new wading boots, that are comfortable so that you can wade well in the water and walk longer distances in a relaxed manner?

Then you've come to the right place. Because here you will find several wading boot models that are 100% made in Italy. This guarantees the highest quality of material and workmanship. Only first-class components, the best German industry grade adhesives and abrasion-resistant stitching material are used. The various models are developed and produced by two established companies in Montebelluna, Italy, the world's leading centre for the development and production of technical shoes and boots. You can rely on their expertise and decades of experience.


A wading boot must be extraordinarily tough. You use them mainly in tough terrain. When wading, they constantly rub and scrape against the rough ground, as you cannot see where you are stepping. In addition, sand and dirt act like sandpaper. A nightmare for material and seams. In addition, the material and adhesive must cope with the frequent change of wetness and subsequent drying. They must not become brittle prematurely or even peel off.

We are so convinced of the quality and longevity of the wading boot made in Italy that we also offer new soling for these wading boot models.


An extremely important aspect when buying a new wading boot is a stable, firm grip and good footing. Especially in and around the water, a slip can not only mean the end of a great day's fishing but can also be very dangerous.

Only well-fitting, high-quality, and stable wading boots guarantee a secure hold and ensure surefootedness. They protect your foot and stabilise your ankle so it can't twist. This is particularly important when wading, because you can rarely see where you are going to take your next step.

For a good fit, the wading boot should of course not be too small, but also not too big. We therefore advise against buying your wading boot one size bigger just to be on the safe side. The result is an ill-fitting wading boot that becomes more deformed and wears out more quickly. The neoprene socks of your waders will also wear down more quickly if the wading boot is too big. In the product descriptions of the individual wading boot models, you will find instructions on how to choose the right size for your wading boot.

Special sole materials ensure the necessary grip of your wading boot on all conceivable surfaces. The individual sole materials have different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Felt soles: These still offer the best grip on stony or rocky ground. However, the comparatively soft felt soles wear and tear quite quickly. They also do not have a good grip outside of water on loose ground, grass, and snow due to the lack of tread. In addition, felt soles dry very slowly.
  • Felt soles with spikes: On the one hand, attaching spikes increases the slip resistance of the felt sole. Especially if the stones are covered with growth or a slippery biofilm. On the other hand, the hard spikes prevent premature wear of the felt sole.
  • Rubber sole: We cannot recommend pure rubber soles. They are very comfortable to walk and they dry quickly. However, rubber soles without spikes only provide good enough grip on sandy ground or stones if they are free of algae and other growth.
  • Rubber sole with spikes: The spikes significantly increase the slip resistance of the rubber sole. This combination can be a good alternative to pure felt soles.

TIP: Spikes can also be retrofitted to the soles of your wading boots. To do this, always choose the spikes in the right length. The mounted spikes should only protrude a few millimetres from the sole. This ensures that both the spikes and the sole material have sufficient contact with the ground and provide improved grip.


There are few items of fly-fishing equipment where the saying: "If you buy cheap, you buy twice!" is more appropriate than wading boots. Because wading boots of inferior quality simply cannot withstand the high stresses on the water. Bursting seams and peeling soles are the result. Therefore, in addition to the premium wading boots from Italian production with a great price-performance ratio, you will also find inexpensive models from well-known manufacturers in our range. These are available at an interesting price point, but never cheap in quality.