Fly fishing vests

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The classic fly fishing vest, as we know it today, was invented in the sixties by Lee Wulff. This accessory has not lost its charm until today, although there are other solutions on the market such as chest packs and so on. 

The advantages of a well thought-out fishing vest are obvious: thanks to the multitude of pockets of various sizes, you can store all your fly fishing tackle neatly, having it immediately at hand in case of need. The light and sturdy modern materials, which are sometimes even waterproof, mean that the weight of today's vests is smaller than that of the original cotton models.

We tried and compared many vests from leading manufacturers, until we found models from the French company JMC Mouches de Charette. Besides the excellent functionality, these accessories are characterized by a rather short cut, making them very suitable for wading. Already the basic jmc DIPLOMAT model is very refined and is ideal for beginners. The jmc SPECIALIST V4 fly fishing vest is the flagship of the French company and is fabulous to say the least! This technical accessory has a multitude of practical features and is unique. In addition, the model is highly recommended for more experienced fly fishermen.

The fly fishing vests from our online shop have also been specially developed for this type of fishing and have all been tested by us.