Wide range of fly fishing nets in many shapes and materials - also with soft rubber nets

Play it safe with a fly-fishing net. Because it is often in the final phase of the fight that many beautiful fish are lost. But a practical wading net not only helps you to lose fewer fish. Using a landing net is also gentle on the fish itself. With a fly-fishing net you can keep the fight short and don't have to hold the fish too tightly when releasing the hook. We have a wide range of fly-fishing nets in many shapes and designs, including those with soft rubber nets that protect the fish's sensitive mucous membranes. We also offer these fish-friendly rubber nets for retrofitting. In addition, you will also find strong magnets with which you can attach any fly-fishing net to your back so that it doesn't get in the way while fishing but is always at hand.

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If you want to practice catch & release correctly, you can't avoid using a landing net when fly fishing. By using a landing net you can keep the fight as short as possible. This way the fish produces less lactic acid in the muscles, which in extreme cases can be fatal for the fish. On the other hand, you can use a landing net to prevent the fish from injuring itself in the shallows of the bank. Ideally, you should release the hook while the fish is still in the landing net. This way you can release it immediately without having to touch it with your hand. All this means much less stress and therefore a quicker recovery of the fish.

If you want to buy a fly fishing net, we especially recommend the models with the extremely practical rubber net. These nets are made of a hard-wearing and very soft rubber that protects the sensitive skin of the fish.

Another advantage of these nets is that they are much less likely to get caught in vegetation. Most importantly, these rubber nets prevent fishing hooks, especially barbed ones, from getting hopelessly tangled. Especially if you fish with 2 or more nymphs, you will quickly learn to appreciate this advantage. Because they are made of rubber, they do not absorb water and dry very quickly. So after a pleasant and successful day of fishing, you can store the fly fishing net directly in the boot of your car without it leaving any unpleasant odours.

In our online shop for fly fishermen you will find a wide range of different models: from the classic and elegant wooden fly fishing net to the ultra-light version with aluminium frame to the innovative fly fishing net made of plastic.

You already own a fly fishing net and simply want to equip it with a new net? No problem! You can also buy a replacement net for your fly fishing net. These rubber nets are ideal for catch & release and will also upgrade your fly fishing net. You can choose between two colours: black and transparent.

For maximum comfort when fishing, we recommend our magnetic net release. With these practical clips you can securely attach the fly fishing net to your back. This way it won't get in the way when you're casting, but it's always at hand when you need it to land a nice catch.