Searching flies barbless

Search flies with excellent buoyancy are very catchy especially when fished actively

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For lovers of dry fly fishing, these beautiful SEARCHING FLIES BL cannot have gone unnoticed. Where present, the deer hair has been tied in a truly exemplary manner, making these dressing a pleasure for the eye as well as for fishing.

The flotability of this series of artificial flies is very good, they stay afloat and clearly visible even in very turbulent water.

Fishing with this type of artificial fly can stimulate the natural aggressiveness of the fish, especially at times when there seems to be no activity. It is often possible to catch even big fish.

The Hotfly series of SEARCHING FLIES BL was created by the hands of some of Italy's best fly tyers. The quality and attention to detail is impeccable and they have a truly remarkable fishing effectiveness.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • Made by the best Italian fly tyers
  • All the experience of European competitions
  • 40% more effective than traditional flies
  • Best fly tying materials used
  • Carefully designed dressings