Practical little helpers and useful fly-fishing accessories

Very often it's the little things that make the difference. Here you will find clever fly-fishing accessories that make your life on the water much easier. When you're fly fishing, you want to focus on the fish and the water, not on other things. That's why we've put together this first-class selection of carefully crafted fly-fishing accessories for you. Each item is specifically designed to meet the needs of avid anglers, combining functionality, durability and style. In addition to the ingenious Amadou patches and hook sharpeners, you will also find extremely practical clamps and pliers to easily remove the hooks. With the also available pull-out straps you have everything at hand at any time. For fly fishing on the coast and at sea, you can buy the perfect fly-fishing stripping baskets here.

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In questa categoria trovi un vasto assortimento di utili accessori per la pesca a mosca: diversi asciuga mosche amadou, ideali per le mosche secche classiche e quelle CDC; praticissime pinze e slamatori di tipi diversi per slamare velocemente e delicatamente i pesci catturati; diversi modelli di pin on zinger, ai quali è possibile agganciare tagliafili e altri accessori che devono essere a portata di mano sul gilet da pesca nonché diverse custodie e borse per potere trasportare in viaggio la tua attrezzatura da pesca a mosca. Inoltre abbiamo cesti per code di topo (stripping basket), affila ami e molto di più per l'uso quotidiano presso le acque da pesca.