Additional barbless Stillwater fly patterns

Insects are also a sought-after food in Stillwater - here you will find the best patterns

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Especially in commercially operated reservoirs with high fishing pressure or in stillwater fisheries with no kill rules, it is quite possible that the fish are now flooded with stimuli due to all the glittering and shiny lures that pass by their mouths all day and no longer pay attention to the flashy fly patterns because they are totally numb. Of course, these fish also have to eat to meet their energy needs and to grow.

And for this they find a richly laid table in lakes and reservoirs because the prey spectrum includes all kinds of animal species that can be found in and around these waters. The variety ranges from mosquitoes, flies, bugs, beetles, dragonflies and other insects to spiders and crustaceans, worms, mussels and snails to frogs, their tadpoles and other amphibians as well as various prey fish. Not to mention all the land creatures that fall in the water and become easy prey for the fish there.

This sheer variety of available food and the fact that the fish can inspect the supposed prey much longer and more closely in a still body of water than in a flowing body of water, where the fat morsel drifts past them, naturally place high demands on the artificial fly. Not only does it have to be a good imitation of the natural prey, but above all it must produce movements and vibrations that look as lively as possible to deceive the fish and tempt it to bite.

The fly patterns offered here for fly fishing in standing waters are characterised above all by this natural mobility, which perfectly imitates the pattern of real prey. Tails and legs play seductively in the water even with the lightest pull and allow the imitation to row and wriggle through the water in a lifelike manner. With these flies you can lure even the most suspicious fish out of their reserve and directly to your hook, even on overfished waters.