Pike flies - the best pike streamers for the big catch

Pike streamers & pike flies in all shapes & colours to tempt every pike to attack

We have a wide range of pike streamers, all made by experienced and professional fly tyers on solid and robust hooks in suitable sizes. Each pattern is a piece of our experience in this field. That's why you'll only find pike flies that have stood the test of time. All patterns are tied on barbed hooks and the tying materials used to make the different models have been carefully selected and put together to give them the best of their teasing properties. This gives our pike flies an incomparably lively and attractive game that lures even the laziest pike out of the reed belt and entices it to take your streamer. We have a great selection of pike flies in all sizes, shapes and colours to suit all waters and situations. Many of our streamers have proven themselves not only for catching pike. Try them out specifically for fly fishing for huchen or even catfish!

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Fly fishing for pike has become extremely popular in recent years. No wonder, because the target fish is large, powerful and aggressive. The hammer-hard takes come without warning and if you are not fully concentrated and prepared it almost tear the fly rod out of your hand. This is pure action and adrenaline. Fighting a pike beyond the metre mark on a fly rod is an unforgettable experience. The hooked fish will not make an endless escape, but it will perform a hot and spectacular dance to shake off the bait.

We have put together a wide range of proven and catchy pike streamers for you. With these flies, you are well equipped for your pike adventure. This is because only the best tying materials are used for our pike streamers. This starts with the hook, which has to be super-sharp in order to grip securely in the pike's toothy mouth. Moreover, it must also be robust, as it must not bend or even break during a hard fight.

A perfect mix of natural and artificial tying materials such as Zonker Strips, Crystal Flash, Angel Hair and many others ensure the very lively action of the pike streamer. Thanks to a varied presentation with fast strips and short pauses, you can perfectly imitate the erratic movements of a sick, injured or fleeing prey fish. No pike can resist this supposedly easy and sure prey.

To give you as good an idea as possible of the dimensions of our pike streamers, we have grouped them into different size categories. You can use the filter function to find all pike flies in your desired length and thus buy confidently the right pike streamer. Smaller and slimmer pike streamers are easier to cast and fish. This is particularly useful for beginners to the fascinating world of pike fly fishing. But don't be afraid of big flies! Pike streamers of 20 to 25 cm may seem too big at first glance. But a large pike will inhale such a lure without any problems.

One last tip: always rig your pike streamer on a pike-proof leader. With its razor-sharp teeth, our friend Esox makes short work of normal leaders. We recommend our leaders for predatory fish.