Pike flies - the best pike streamers for the big catch

Huge selection of pike streamers - find your favourite pike fly patterns and tempt every pike

We have a wide range of pike streamers, all made by experienced and professional fly tyers on solid and robust hooks in suitable sizes. Each pattern is a piece of our experience in this field. That's why you'll only find pike flies that have stood the test of time. All patterns are tied on barbed hooks and the tying materials used to make the different models have been carefully selected and put together to give them the best of their teasing properties. This gives our pike flies an incomparably lively and attractive game that lures even the laziest pike out of the reed belt and entices it to take your streamer. We have a great selection of pike flies in all sizes, shapes and colours to suit all waters and situations. Many of our streamers have proven themselves not only for catching pike. Try them out specifically for fly fishing for huchen or even catfish!

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In many parts of Central Europe, pike fly fishing has often been underestimated and under-utilised in the past. Fortunately, things have changed in recent years, as our friend Esox Lucius is very curious about the (big) streamers and reacts very well to these baits. Recently many interesting pike flies have been developed. In short, our new pike tube-streamers up to 25 cm long will be available, which should be used with an intermediate sinking fly line.

Catching a pike with a fly rod is not very difficult; the basics of "normal" fly fishing are enough. The streamer recovery must be done by banging and must always be concentrated, as the bite could happen at any time. Usually the attack is unforgettablely violent.

In pike fly fishing with the streamer, the hook will stick very few times directly on the lips, as these fish often attack with great vehemence, swallowing the bait entirely. Therefore, a steel leaders is a must. In general, we advise you to adapt the equipment to the possible prey.

Light pike streamers have the advantage of being easily cast over long distances. In order to be able to reach a certain depth anyway, it is advisable to use an intermediate sinking fly line.