Glittering colours and and a lot of movement make our perch sabiki rigs irresistible!

Perch are very curious by nature and this is what the perch sabikis are aimed at. Their individual lures imitate small fish or other prey animals that play very lively and provocatively in the water when guided appropriately, thus tempting the perch to take the fly. Eye-catching colours, glittering foil, moving tails, antennae and other appendages ensure a lot of movement and corresponding attention among the perch. As perch are a very schooling fish, the hunting instinct is compounded by food envy. Therefore, it is quite possible to have more than one fish at the same time on one of our sabikis. As with all of our sabikis, also those for perch are thoroughly tested before we offer them in the shop.

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Sabiki fishing is a very successful and effective method of catching perch. Perch are schooling fish. And in a shoal, food envy dominates. You have certainly seen how several perch follow a hooked mate and try to steal the supposed morsel from its mouth.

If you want to try this simple and particularly catchy method on perch, you can buy the best perch sabikis here. They have proven themselves countless times.

Our perch sabikis imitate small prey fish and fry. The modern tying materials used shimmer and glitter very seductively. The tails and appendages give the small lures a very lively play. This attracts the attention of curious perch. By actively guiding the sabiki with little tugs and jumps, you increase its attraction. This way you imitate a shoal of small fish fleeing in panic. Perch cannot resist this supposedly easy prey.

The small lures are tied on #10, #8 and #6 hooks. All perch sabikis are very carefully hand tied. By using a monofilament with a high carrying capacity you can also catch big perch with them.

The perch sabikis are suitable for both fishing methods: rigged on a float or vertically jigged. However, perch are more likely to bite with an active lead. By slightly twitching the sabiki you can better imitate the erratic movements of the small prey fish on the run. When offering the perch sabiki on the float rig, the float should be moved by wind or swell, giving life to the lures on the sabiki.

Once you've found a shoal, it's not uncommon for several perch to get on the sabiki at the same time. As soon as the first perch has taken the bait and tries to flee, other perch will reflexively snap at it. This is exactly why this method is so successful. By the way, when fishing for perch with a sabiki, you can also catch really big perch. The larger specimens are usually at the edge or below the main shoal.