Special silicone nymphs on barbless hooks

The special silicone nymphs imitate their real counterparts super realistically

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With the special nymphs made of silicone you will find imitations of larvae of different sizes of the three most important insect groups:

  • Mayflies
  • Caddisflies
  • Stoneflies

which make up the majority of the insect larvae present and thus typically the main food of trout and grayling in streams and rivers.

All patterns have been designed and attached to the hook in such a way that you can add weight in the form of Soft Tungsten (not included) to the hook shank between the actual imitation and the hook eye. In this way you can weight the different nymph patterns made of silicone individually and thus optimally adapt them to the respective conditions on the water.

Of course, the antennae, legs and tails of the special nymphs also play very seductively and provocatively, perfectly imitating a wriggling larva that is drifted by the current and represents a tasty and easy prey for every fish.