Trout streamer on barbless hooks

Target big trout with the catchiest trout streamers

Especially if you are targeting big trout when fly fishing, then your fly box should not be without some of our special trout streamers. This is because large trout are increasingly feeding predatorily to meet their growing energy needs. Our trout streamers imitate the natural movements of fleeing fish and thus stimulate the hunting instinct of the large trout. It's a special thrill when a big dark shadow suddenly breaks away from the bottom of the water to chase and attack your trout streamer. With our wide range of different patterns, colours and sizes, you'll have the perfect tools to lure even the shyest trout out of hiding and entice them to take your streamer. From models with realistic swimming characteristics to those with eye-catching accents, here you can buy the best trout streamers to successfully fish for big trout.

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Streamers are artificial flies that imitate more or less faithfully small fish. When with the practice of dry fly or nymph we do not get great results is a good idea to try to use a streamer, there is a chance that can really solve in a positive way your fishing day.

The streamers go to stimulate the predatory instinct of the fish but not only, in fact our artificial flies can also be attacked for simple defense of the territory. For this reason the attacks are very abrupt and violent, which makes the fishing action much more adrenaline and fun.